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20XII Part 1/12

No Thank You, I'd Rather Prefer Not to Cum On Your Face


"Broken Black Blade"

"Death and Rebirth"

Greater Minds Than Mine


"In the Cold Dark"

"I have to assume my parents were aware, in naming me, I could never grow up to be right."


"Shatter Break Crush Kill"


"No Rest"


"Reasons To Hate Love"

"At the End of the Day..."

"9:32 PM"

"Letting Go"

"March Madness or the Beginning Part II"

"Wholly and Completely"

"March or the Beginning"


"I'll Try"

"A Day Without..."

"Cripple Crumble Quiver Quake"

"Spotty At Best"

"Save Everyone But Yourself"

"I Want..."

"Darker Times Ahead"

"The Path Of A Guardian"


"Friendly Advice"


"Couldn't Send the First Draft"

"I'm Not Nearly As Strong As You Think"

"Please Don't Read"

"Losing It"

"Worth A Try"

About to Expl...{AFG}

"Sribble Scratch Tumble Tear"

"Of Bags and Cats"

The First Time I Tried to Kill Myself




"That Power"

"Delta Alpha November"

"Misogyny? I Barely Know Her! Part II"

"Hell, Oh"

"I'd Be Better With Pictures"

"His Life As I Live It"

It Was the Best of Times


"Sometimes You Gotta Go HAM"


Remind Me!

A Strange Place to Put a Jelly Donut


"Things Got Weird"


"It's Not Cold Anymore"


"Untitled Part Two"


"Michelle Vargas"

"90% of the World Is Sticky"


Last Philosophy (Broken)


Expletive Deleted

Any One

Round Two

Sad Clowns

Turns Out She Has a Boyfriend

Conversations With Guardos

Building Again


For Another Last Time

A While

Still So Low


"I'm in the dirt and in the gutter...

Leaving Soon






This is America, Thanos


Sometimes they don't finish at all.

DHT: Welcome to the Cyber Era

I'm a Sh*tty Son

Untitled III

Untitled II



Haze Jam

Hatred and Me: Reasons I'm an Idiot

Scratch Paper Thoughts

The Moon's Night Off

Untitled III

The First Paragraph Was Yours


Untitled II

Wrecked My Savings, My Car, and My Chances at Happiness



While I Was Homeless...

Untitled II


Untitled II


Sky Williams

Can Sociopaths Be Suicidal?


You'll Never Know How Badly You Make Me Want to Die

Untitled IV

Untitled III

Rough Days or the Desire to Drown

Humanity's Divide

What I Should Have Sent

Can't Seem to Stop Trying to Kill Myself

You Know the Easiest Way To Tell You're In a Simulation?

03MAR17 II

Just Like That


January Fifth


How Sad Must My Life Be That It's Funny To Me That I May Be Trying To Marry My Cousin

I Didn't Realize How Disenfranchised Women Felt Until Wonder Woman Came Out

I Believe There's a God Above Me, I'm Just Trying to Save Everyone Else









The Real Cause of the World's Collapse

Throwback: 27NOV14

Throwback: 26NOV14

Throwback: A-Continued

Throwback: A

Throwback: America Castenada

Throwback: His Life, As I Live It

What's Up: Get Up

Mainstay Monday: The Biggest Losers

2.0 Tuesday: ARrival

Throwback Thursday: Phone Notes

What's Up Wednesday

Mainstay Monday: Say, What

Throwback Thursday: Phone Notes

Mainstay Mondays: Kissing

Throwback Thursdays: Phone Notes

What's Up Wednesdays: Dead End

2.0 Tuesdays: Where We Are/Where We're Going

2.0 Tuesdays #5: Custom Build

Throwback Thursdays #10: Drink Beer, Get High, Drink Beer Till the Day I Die

Throwback Thursdays #9: Dated 30MAY11 (26AUG12e)

What's Up Wednesdays #6: The Inbetween

2.0 Tuesdays #4: Neo-economics

2.0 Tuesdays #3: Addendum

What's Up Wednesdays #5

2.0 Tuesdays #2: Heads Up Display

Mainstay Mondays #2: Gays

Throwback Thursdays #8: Lost

What's Up Wednesdays #4: Joke

Two Point Oh Tuesdays Number One: MyDemand

Mainstay Mondays Number One: Misogyny? I Barely Know Her!

What's Up Wednesday III

Saturated Saturday Number One: Guardian.

What's Up Wednesday #2

Throwback Thursday #7: Naivete

Throwback Thursday #6: Girls

What's Up Wednesday Number One

Throwback Thursday #5: Old Philosophy

Throwback Thursday #4: Tell Three

Throwback Thursdays #3: Tell Two

Throwback Thursdays #2: Tell One

Throwback Thursdays Number One: AOL Instant Messenger

Watch Me As I Unhinge

Runner's Cut

First of the Four





Fool Me

Ever Annoying, Unfettered Idiocy: Chapter One: Transgender

"My Black Friend, Token"

"I Can Be As Cruel As You"


Unlimited Bullets

Haven Meeting


Rising Sun's Haste



So... Don't ask?

"...death is f*cking calling me..."


Warden, Warden

Nothing Seems To Kill Me

DVR 2.0

Been Slacking

My Holiday Cards Are Just As Crappy Now As They Were In Grade School

Squirrel Triumvirate

I've Got Friends (Postitutes Preface)

Old Farts

Prostitutes II

I Swear She's Over 18!

Ideal v. Reality

So Sick...

African v. Black v. American